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Centra Hub delivers cutting-edge solutions to bring together people and processes through effective, yet easy-to-use CRM and HCM software systems.

Knowing “CentraHub”:

  • Centra- “The backbone to which all processes are attached”
  • Hub- “the effective centre of an activity, region, or network”

CentraHub was born with a passion to connect people with their core processes through smart, easy-to-use tools such as CRM, XCM and HCM systems.

The Ideology:

  • Delivering Cutting Edge Solutions to bring together people and processes through effective and easy-to-use CRM and HCM systems
  • Empowering organizations to streamline their processes for better customer and people support
  • Partnering with customers to help them achieve higher ROIs through efficient systems processes
  • Bringing about change from legacy systems to State-of-the-Art modernization


Our journey began in the year 2003,as Focus Softnet,when we launched our first CRM and HCM solutions. Over the years, and through serving clients across 28 nations in over 25 industry verticals, enabling over 150,000 users in enterprise environments,our applications have evolved into powerful, scalable and “easy-to-use & implement” solutions. Our central R&D facility ensures consistent and continuous development of our core products and our partner network ensures that our solutions reach our customers far and wide through qualified solutions providers.

Centra Technologies as an entity was carved out in the year 2015 with a vision to further enhance the CRM and HCM platforms and bring the latest technology into the current era through cloud, SaaS and integration-friendly solutions. The current leadership of Centra boasts of over 120 man-years of management experience and is empowered by a team of over 100 skilled professionals with an average of at least 10 years of corporate experience.

The central philosophy that powers Centra Technologies is to:

  • innovate, enhance and simplify people and process management through scalable solutions for end customers
  • Empower ecosystems of channel partners and provide powerful business models across the globe using our core products and solutions

At Centra, we believe in an open approach and all of our solutions are integration-ready. Our systems ensure that our clients and our partners are empowered with the ability to integrate our solutions with legacy or third-party systems ensuring that our clients need only invest in the specific solutions that they require.Our global network of partners ensures that a Centra specialist is always within reach of your organization across the globe, providing you with quality solutions and skilled services locally. Our partners go through a carefully designed certification process ensuring successful deployments of our systems.